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Luther Burbank School Mural

Preliminary Sketch


Progress from July 6 to 10

July 23rd

July 25th, 2003

August 1st, 2003

18' x 18', July 2003 Exterior wall on 65th Avenue near Majestic

July 18th:
2003-90 degree plus heat has made it necessary to drape a tarp over the scaffolding each day to create a shade spot to work in. A good soaking with the hose helps for about 1/2 hour. Today's additions: Finished the top of the underpainting of the artichoke as well as laying out 3 boxes of fruit in the foreground of the historic photo portrait of Mr. Burbank. Painting the fruit was particularly enjoyable given that it was off the map as far as the photo goes. I selected peaches as a subject there to push the connection between the seed packets and the work of Burbank. I felt that pushing the size of the fruit to a larger size would draw in the viewer, especially given the hieght at which they are painted. Continued readings Dreyer's book "A Gardener Touched with Genius" reveal Luther Burbank's brilliance, patience and reliance on intuition. He's credited with 800 new species of flowers, fruits and vegetables. People have commented how his works was an early shot at so called "Franken-foods". I strongly disagree. Burbank was allowing nature to do the gene splicing. I think of Luther as a kind of "plant host" introducing the guests, not as a surgeon reassembling best parts of the guests for later use. Just my little opinion.

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