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* This list does not include numerous private commissions, murals in private homes, temporary works of art (like chalk murals or theatre backdrops) or private consultations which resulted in the creation of public art. This list only includes the projects which may be viewed in public places, or were within the public view for some time or where an appointment can be made to see the work of art. This list also includes murals which have been lost, neglected, stolen or destroyed.

1. “Giraphics”, 1983, repainted due to seismic retrofit work in 1994, oils on steel & concrete, Sizes vary: 32’ x 8’. Seven giraffes painted beneath the 580 freeway at Harrison Street in Oakland, CA. Commissioned by Cal Trans and the Oakland Office of Community Development and numerous community donations.

2. “Animurals”, 1985, oils on concrete, 17’ x 180’. Six zebras painted beneath the 580 freeway on Broadway in Oakland, CA. Commissioned by the Oakland Office of Community Development and numerous community donations.

3. “Duck Pond Mural” 1995, acrylics on concrete, 12’ x 28’. Two ducks floating on water painted on the cinderblock storage house / restrooms of Montclair park on Mountain Blvd. in Oakland, CA. Commissioned by the Oakland Cultural Arts Division and the Oakland Office of Parks and Recreation. (Destroyed by Oakland Department of Parks and Recreation)

4. “T is for Tiger”, 1991, oils on canvas, 8’ x 8’. Commissioned by Terranomics. Currently on display in the classic art-deco “Lion House” of the San Francisco Zoo, #1 Sloat Blvd., San Francisco, CA

5. “J is for Jaguar”, 1991, oils on canvas, 7’ x 7’, Commissioned by Terranomics. Currently in the collection of Lana Jean Rose. 1014-60th Street, Oakland, CA By appointment only (510) 601-1849

6. “Orca Family”, 1988, acrylics on primed sheetrock, 15’ x 50’. Three Orca whales painted on the interior walls of the Whales and Friends retail store, 2nd Street and Clay Oakland, CA. Commissioned by California Pacific Designs.

7. “Salud!”, 1997, acrylics on masonry, 98’ x 50’. Portraits of 16 of the residents of the Bethany Senior Center painted on the exterior wall at 21st and Capp Streets in the Mission District, San Francisco, CA. Commissioned by the City of San Francisco’s Office of Community Development Block Grant Program. Sponsored by numerous community donations including the Zellerbach Family Fund, the Koret Foundation, Sanwa Bank, Bank of America and numerous community donations.

8. “The Lake Merritt Mural Project”, 1987-88, silicates on masonry, 24’ x 98’. Landscape view of Oakland’s Lake Merritt painted on the exterior wall of the auto dealership building at 27th and Broadway, Oakland, CA. Commissioned by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency, Alameda County Arts Commission as well as numerous individual contributions. (partially destroyed)

9. “Tales of History”, 1996, acrylics on masonite, 7’ x 55’. Still life depictions of historic multicultural icons painted on the interior wall of the Stanley Intermediate School Auditorium on School Street, Lafayette, CA. Commissioned by the Lafayette Arts and Sciences Foundation. Over 80 % of this painting done by the 304-seventh grade students.

10. “Oakland Gems”, 1995, acrylics on plywood panels, 8’ x 500’. Twenty-five of Oakland’s architectural treasures were painted in a stained glass window motif on the temporary construction fencing around what is now the Elihu Harris State Building at 14th and Clay Streets in downtown Oakland, CA. Commissioned by Oakland Department of Public Works. ***PLEASE NOTE: This mural once wrapped around three sides of the city block you are now standing within. (destroyed)

11. “American Noah”, 1985, oils on canvas, 3’ x 12’. A photo-realist view of the waterfront and bridge of downtown San Francisco with the ship, American Noah, in the foreground, adjacent to the Bay Bridge. In the collection of Attorney William J. Alderman, San Francisco, CA. (NOTE: Two & ½ years of painting went into this project). Viewing available by appointment only.

12. “The Papermakers”, 1995, acrylic on primed sheetrock, 10’ x 40’. Simplified black and white photographic views of the children from the nationally recognized group Renaissance of Papermaking creating paper by hand. Created site specific for a related papermaking exhibit at Mills College, Prieto Gallery, Oakland, CA. (destroyed)

13. “Art’s Explosion”, 1984-1988, enamels on canvas, 8’ x 48’. Colorful Photographic collage views of the performers and activities at Oakland’s Festival of the Arts. Created specifically for the festival and painted on-site with audience participation at Estuary Park, Oakland, California. Currently in the collection of the artist, viewing by appointment (510) 238-8335. Each eight by twelve-foot panel was created on site with one month work in studio. (NOTE: The second of the four panels was stolen in 1996 while on display)

14. “English Countryside”, 1998, acrylics, 9’ x 25’. Stone walls on gently rolling hills located within a lobby leading to of a series of office suites. 2020 Ashby Avenue, Oakland, CA. (across from the Clarmont Hotel-At the end of the alley with curved brick path-on the right )

15. “Golden Gate” (Formerly Cal’s bar), 1986, enamels, 8’ x 8’. View of Golden Gate Bridge. 2001 Union Street, San Francisco (destroyed)

16. “Tamalpias Garden”, 1999, acrylics, 10’ x 16’ / 18’ x 25’. #1 View of fantasy garden with Mt. Tamalpais. #2 Wisteria & trellis. 177 Millar Avenue, Mill Valley, CA. (partially viewable from public sidewalk)

17. “Concord Historical Mural”, 1992, silicates on masonry, 20’ x 60’. Historic view of general store taken from original photograph taken in 1894. Salvio and Galindo Streets, Concord, CA.

18. “Festival at the Lake Mural”, 1994, enamels, 8’ x 12’. Photo-collage view of various activities from the former festival. Commissioned by the former Festival at the Lake non-profit group. (On view here)

19. “(2) Willie Brown inaugural murals”, 1996, acrylics, 10’ x 10’ each. Two of San Francisco’s landmark historical buildings (old Cliff House and Grace Cathedral church) painted in bright high contrast colors. Currently in the collection of the artist with viewing by appointment (510) 238-8335.

20. “(15) Jerry Brown inaugural murals”, 1998, acrylics, 10’ x 10’ each. Fifteen of Oakland’s landmark historical buildings painted in bright high contrast colors. (Painted with the help of over 250 volunteers) Currently in the collection of the artist with viewing by appointment (510) 238-8335.

21. “Airman Mao”, 2000, acrylics, 4’ x 6’. A traditional portrait of Mao is updated. In the collection of Douglas Wong, Director of the Port of San Francisco, viewing by appointment.

22. “Three Wise Men”, 2000, enamels, 4’ x 10’. Groucho Marx, Mao Tse Deng, and Deng Xiao Ping take a break to contemplate. In the collection of Douglas Wong, Director of the Port of San Francisco, viewing by appointment.

23. “Wildwood Falls”, 1993, acrylics, 20’ x 50’. A Maxfield Parrish inspired mountain scene with waterfalls. 301 Wildwood Avenue, Piedmont, CA (UV damaged)

24. “St. David’s School Grizzly Bear”, 1993, oils, 7’x 7’. 871 Sonoma Street, canvas on nterior lobby wall, Richmond, CA

25. “St. Leo’s Lions”, 1993, oils, 7’ x 7’. Two portraits of lions both on display in the halls of the school. 4238 Howe Street, Oakland, CA

26. “Oakland Sister Cites Mural-Fukoka”, 1992, acylics, 8’ x 16’. Views commemorating papermaking traditions from East and West. Located in the Children’s Recreation Center, Fukuoka, Japan

27. “Oakland Sister Cites Mural-Dalian” 1994, acylics, 4’ x 10’. Views commemorating papermaking traditions from East and West. Located in the Mayor’s office, #1 People’s Plaza, Dalian, China

28. “Artship”, 1999, acrylics, 8’ x 12’. A view of the Artship (former Golden Bear) painted in bright high contrast colors. Currently in the collection of the artist, viewing by appointment (510) 238-8335.

29. “For Amusement Only”, 1995 enamels on hardwood floor, 11’ x 17’. Giant pinball playfield. 1010 Grayson St., Berkeley, CA (Destroyed 2001)

30. Susan’s of Sonoma, 1997, acrylics, numerous scenes painted throughout this bed & breakfast inn-458-2nd-Street-Sonoma, CA. View by appointment

31. Berkeley Natural Grocery, 1985, enamels, 5’ x 16’. Grainstalks on a blue sky. 1336 Gilman Street, (front windows of the store) Berkeley, CA

32. “Straus Carpets murals”, (with Ingrid Good) 2002, acrylics and enamels
#1: 16’ x 100’. #2: 12’ x 50. #3: 16’ x 16’. Various carpet related imagery. 2828 Ford Street at 23rd Avenue, Oakland, CA

33. “Luther Burbank School Mural”, 2003, acrylics, 16’ x 24’, 65th Avenue near MacArthur Blvd., Exterior wall, Oakland, CA (In Progress)

34. Guerrero’s Chappel, 1986, oils, 8’ x 25’. Landscape view of Marin hills & clouds. 407 Estudillo, Interior wall of Chapel “A”, San Leandro, CA

35. "Rainforest mural" (with Ingrid Good) 2001, acrylics, 8’ x 20’. Tully's Coffee Shop 14th & Broadway , Oakland, CA (Destroyed)

37. “Market & Drumm Streets, San Francisco”, 1991, oils, 36” x 10’, Photo-realist view of streets below as seen from the balcony of the Bank. View by appointment only 11th floor of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, CA

38. “Sailboats”, 1988, acrylics, 9’ x 15’. Balena Bay recreation room, Alameda, CA. (destroyed)

Assists: (Projects where I’ve worked as an assistant to the commissioned artist)

39. Potrero Hill mural (with Nicole Emanuel), 1986, acrylics, 18th & Potrero, San Francisco, CA (damaged from neglect)

40. “Grand Performance” 1984, 25’ x 220’, enamels (with Keith Sklar, Daniel Galvez Karen Sjoholm & Brooke Fancher) Grand Avenue beneath 580, Oakland, CA

41. “Mitzvah, the Jewish Cultural Experience” 1985, enamels, 97’ x 150’. (with Keith Sklar & Brooke Fancher) 14th & Franklin Streets, Oakland, CA (damaged from Loma Prieta Earthquake)
42. “Street Tattoo” (with Dan Galvez) 1982, oils, 15’x 220’. Large scale portraits of various Oakland residents. San Pablo & West Grand, Oakland, CA (damaged from weathering)

43. “Carnival” (with Dan Galvez) 1983, enamels, 24’x 76’. Varous images from the annual street festival in the Mission District. 24th Street & South Van Ness, San Francisco, CA (extensive UV damage)

44. “Grand Five Offices” (with Brooke Fancher, Keith Sklar & John Wehrle) Grand Avenue near Lennox, Oakland, CA

45. Superior Home Remodeling, 1985, enamels, 10’ x 20’ (two panels) 44th & Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA

46. “Learning to Fly”, 1997, oils, 18’ x 75’ (irregular shape). Pioneer Elementary school library, Sunnyside (near Olympia) Washington with Daniel Galvez

47. “Dream”, 16’ x 20’, oils. Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchu and a man sculpting a bust of Cesar Chavez. The mural also depicts a newborn baby and a young man working at a computer terminal. 21st & Bartlett Street, San Francisco, CA. with Daniel Galvez

48. “Homage to Malcolm X”, 1997 oils, 12’ X 64’, Harlem, Audobon ballroom, New York with Daniel Galvez

49. “Alternative Museum Murals”, oils , New York, with Daniel Galvez.

50. “Valencia Town Center Murals”, 1995-12’ x 60’/6’ x 30’, acrylics. History of Valencia including Newhall ranch, oranges, Piru mansion, landscape views with cows and historical references. Interior walls at Town Center Valencia, CA with John Wehrle

51. “City Center Murals”, 1981, acrylics. 11th/ 14th / Broadway /Clay Streets: Four City blocks with Gary Graham (destroyed)

52. “Spirit of Childhood”, 1983, acrylics. 10th Avenue & E.10th Street on Franklin Elementary School. with Gary Graham & others(destroyed)

53. “Stewards for the Future-Guardians of the Past”, 2000, (2) 9’ X 20’ canvases, In the historic headquarters building of the United States Department of Interior, Washington DC-with Daniel Galvez

54. “Crossroads Murals” 2003, acrylics, four walls approximately 16’ x 200’ 680 Freeway underpass at Dublin Blvd. And Amador Valley Road, Dublin, CA with John Pugh, John Wehrle, Hershel West, Dakota Warren and Daniel Galvez.

55. Restoration of “Revisionist History”, silicates on concrete, 16’ x 300’, by John Wehrle 2003. San Pablo Avenue & Barrett, Richmond CA with Hershel West & John Wehrle

56. "Golden Gate Recreation Center", 2000, acrylics, 20’ x 30’. with Randolph Belle and Daryl Thompson. 63rd Street, Oakland, CA

57. Lovanya DeJean Middle School, 2003, 8’ x 72’, acrylics. 33rd & MacDonald Avenue, Richmond, CA with Al Leon with help from Ingrid Good Derek Bigard, Bonnie Singman, Regina Gilligan, Biliana Stremska and others.

58. Sony Metreon Swirl Floor, 1999, fiber optics, 101-4th Street @ Mission Streets, San Francisco, CA with Craig Lazarus.

59. Temporary fence, neighborhood site improvement project, acrylics, 1998, 8’ x 100’. 63rd & San Pablo, Oakland, CA. with Keith Williams

60. “Elk Tracks to Bart Tracks” 2001, acrylics, 8’x 72’. Theme of transportation over time combined with the human migration to the Bay Area. Gilman Street along the bike path alongside BART, Berkeley, CA With Alan Leon, Derek Bigard, Hang Ngyun, Sarah Haykel, Sophie Allez and others.

61. “Reflections”, 1984, acrylics, 20’ x 100’. A mirror image view of Baker Beach 5th & Howard Streets, San Francisco, CA with John Wehrle.

62. “The Creatatious Period”, 1992, acrylics, 20’ x 30’. Life Through Time, The Evidence for Evolution wing, California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA with Brooke Fancher & Bill Snyder.

63. “Oakland Coliseum Murals”, 1998, oils, six 8’ x 8’ framed paintings. Depictions of various icons of the sports arena. Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA with Daniel Galvez.

64. Crissey Field interactive map, 2001, fiber optics, Crissey Field, San Francisco, CA with Craig Lazarus

65. Tech Museum of San Jose 2001, fiber optics, Tech Museum of San Jose, CA with Craig Lazarus

66. The Cannery, 2001, fiber optics, Law offices of the Coudair Brothers, 3rd floor San Francisco, CA with Craig Lazarus

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