Home of Bay Area Muralist Dan Fontes

Assisted Projects

Grand Performance mural (with Daniel Galvez)

Street Tattoo (with Daniel Galvez)

Grand Five Offices (with Keith Sklar, Brooke Fancher and John Wehrle)

Superior Home remodeling (with Keith Sklar)

Potrero hill w/ Nicole Emanuel

5th & Howard w/John Wehrle

Valencia murals w/ John Wherle

Alternative Museum, New York (with Daniel Galvez)

Carnival mural (with Daniel Galvez)

Chief Kamiah, Washington (with Daniel Galvez)

Rainfinity (with Craig Lazarus)

Tech museum of San Jose (with Craig Lazarus)

Crissy Field (with Craig Lazarus)

City Center murals (with Gary Graham)

Spirit of childhood (with Gary Graham)

Mitzvah, Jewish Cult. Experience (with Keith Sklar)

Copyright 2005 Dan Fontes